Try Something New

Have you heard of plateauing? Its when your body gets used to the workouts you doing and your body stops losing weight, gaining muscle, and transforming. 

Try to do something new in your workout routine this week (like joining me in my online gym 😉). Your body likes the change up and guess what? So does your brain! Sometimes doing something new can be scary, but overcoming this also helps build self confidence. 

Here’s some ways to help you “Try Something New:”

  • Try a different workout. Maybe you only like to do PiYo, try Booty, Core and More. Or if you only like to do Turbo Kick, try Tabata. You might find you like the different workout and all the workouts are designed to complement each other.

  • Ditch the technology and go outside for your workout: Hike, walk, run, bike, swim, rollerblade etc. There are so many ways to have fun outside while still getting in a great workout.

  • Workout with a friend. Having a buddy during your regular workouts can help both of you challenge yourself because you have accountability. 

  • Do something that scares you. Want to know a secret? I don’t like swimming. And I get the heebie jeebies when I go into the ocean. But I went surfing anyways and had fun doing it. I could barely get my arms out of the wetsuit afterwards because they were so tired, but I did it. So try something new, fun and maybe even scary. You’ll come out of it braver, more confident and ready to try more new things! 

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