Take it Outside!

Take it Outside

It’s warming up outside so why not get your booty out there? Going outside has been shown to improve mood, boost Vitamin D production, improve focus and help reduce anxiety and production.

Plus if you have kids, getting outside makes them, as we say in our house, go less “kookoo.” I can’t tell you how many times I have made the kids go outside when they have been arguing, fighting, or just plain jumping off the couches (literally) and once they get outside, their mood instantly changes for the better. The same goes for adults!

Here’s some ways to help you “Take it Outside:”

  • Go for a quick 5-10 minute walk. Yes, I give you permission to get out of your work chair and go outside. Wildflowers are going crazy right now, so why not go enjoy them.
  • Eat lunch outside. Grab a picnic blanket or towel if you need to sit on the ground. Better yet, walk to your favorite lunch spot.
  • Take your workout outside. The plus to having all my workouts virtually is that you can take me anywhere! Take me to a park, backyard, balcony, whatever you got and get double endorphins from being outside AND working out.
  • Take your work outside. Grab your laptop and go sit outside for a little bit while answering emails.

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