How to Enjoy your Vacation & still be Healthy

How do you go on vacation and enjoy it without worrying about spoiling your diet or fitting in your workouts? Here's what I do:

I don't worry about any of that. 

I don't worry about macros, workouts, "bad foods," what I drink, what I eat or what I do. 

We recently went on a cruise to Alaska...hello all you can eat and drink...and this is exactly what I did. This is what I do every time I go on vacation. I don't worry about what I eat or drink or if I workout and just enjoy.

Here's the thing, I eat healthy, I workout a ton and by the time a vacation rolls around, my body probably needs a break AND I love to eat. 

This is what I do do:

Search for the veggies.

My body needs vegetables, it makes it happy. While on the cruise, I always made sure to add vegetables to every meal. They always had steamed veggies and salads at lunch so I ate those first. That way, by the time dinner came along, I knew I at least had some veggies. While we were on the east coast, we always had carrots to munch on while we were driving. 

Bring a refillable water bottle

There are always places to refill your water bottle with filtered water. I bring one along on every single trip I go on because it is so much more convenient and cheaper and better for you than plastic bottles. Staying hydrated helps so much with vacation bloat.

Walk Walk Walk

When visiting a new place, I always love walking and exploring. Even my kids have walked 8+ miles in a day while exploring new places. Walking is such a wonderful way to work your body in a way that it is supposed to be used and move around. I don't usually do any of my traditional workouts while traveling but walking is key.


Stressing about your diet and your workouts during a vacation can actually be more harmful than helpful. You need a break. You need to just enjoy. Eat the yummy food, drink the fancy drink, stay hydrated and be sure to walk to enjoy the new place you are exploring.

What to do when you come home

Do you detox? Do you punish yourself with workouts? Do you shame yourself for vacationing? NO. You simply go back to what you were doing before. You go back to eating the way you did pre vacation (lots of veggies, healthy carbs, etc.). Go back to your regularly scheduled workouts.

Your body likes changing things up so even a vacation can count as mixing things up. 

You have permission, from your trainer, to go and enjoy your vacation and I will see you when you get back. 

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